Labradoodle – Luca

Hello hello! This is for your website. If there is a way for me to upload directly, please let me know. We are so happy with our lovely Luca. He really is an intelligent boy. He has been at home with us 5 days now and he loves our garden. This is where he is full of mischief and jumps for joy, tiring himself out completely so that he gives us 7 hours sleep without disruption. We are very grateful to Marleen and Wannes for leading us through the process till we collected him and for being so patient with two foreigners. Luca is a joy to have. We will look after him. In fact, I am introducing him to our local vet next Wednesday so that when we need to go for the final vaccination he will know him. I look forward to hearing what you think at your convenience. And see some more photos in separate email. You can publish as much or as little as you like All the best

The last lady with him is my mother who has just been 80. She had a poodle and a labrador when she was a child and is absolutely delighted with Luca, as you can see!