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82 Mails van onze tevreden klanten met hun Labradoodle

Labradoodle – Fons

Labradoodle – Fons

Het belangrijkste was bij ons wel de anti allergische. Onze zoon is allergisch voor honden en heeft van Fons totaal geen last.

Ik voeg nog een foto van Fons als hij pup was.


Fam claes luyckx

Labradoodle – Baloe

Labradoodle – Baloe

Baloe is goed thuis gekomen hij ligt te slapen in de zetel bij windhond Gek hoe alles vreemd is , muziek.kijk hij op En praat op de radio denkt hij dat er iemand gaat komen aan deur ,denk wel dat hij slim is Het zal leuk worden Fijn weekend

Shoonik – Maltipoo

Shoonik – Maltipoo

Hi Wannes

Just wanted to give you some news from Shoonik , our little maltipoo that We bought at your place
He is doing great , starting adolescence and all what comes with it
He is clean (since day one actually) loving and full of surprises
We are very happy with him and thank you for your support and assistance
Many people have asked me where we got him and I gave them your address saying how nice you were and reassuring
Here are some pictures of Shoonik
I am sure you will appreciate
With kind regards
A. and I. and Shoonik
Leo – Labradoodle

Leo – Labradoodle

Hi Marlene!

Leo is doing super good and we love him. Can’t believe he is turning 1 year old.

In february we moved to Panama central america so now he is living in warm weather all year round and at the beach that he loves.

Cooper – Labradoodle

Hi Marleen,


I just wanted to share some photos of our beautiful, mad, loveable big bear of a pup Cooper. We still miss Bear everyday but love this big hairy dude.  He loves people watching as you can see from the photos and is very protective of Michel-Philippe and myself. He loves to cuddle definitely a Velcro dog lol, we’re so happy that he’s part of the family!


Kind regards,


Trisha, Michel-Philippe and Cooper

Doedel – Labradoodle

Doedel – Labradoodle

Beste Wannes en Marleen,
Zoals jullie zien op bijgaande foto’s gaat het goed met Doedel. Als we niet opletten is hij zelfs weg met het eten van de poes !
Beste groeten, I. & W.

Labradoodle – Blue

Labradoodle – Blue

Hallo , hier onze Blue .. dochter van nougat .. het is een schatje .. iedereen is er zot  van .. hier zie je ze net getrimd  , foto komt trouwens van de kapster .. en op 7 /8 hebben we haar 1 jaar ..ze maakt ons zo gelukkig. 

Mvg Chantal en Guy

Doodle – Frodo

Doodle – Frodo

Good morning Marleen, we wanted to let you know we have called our puppy Frodo. He had a great first night and has settled in so quickly. We all love him so much. Thank you for all your help.
Neil and Annika Scott

Fantastic !!!
An update on Frodo! He is getting big, learning new commands and tricks, he’s so loving and calm and is enjoying meeting other dogs and people. We went camping recently and he was so well behaved. 😍
Annika and Neil Scott

Verzonden vanaf mijn Galaxy
Kortharige Labradoodle

Kortharige Labradoodle



Heel leuk om de pups te zien, maar ik heb eind februari j.l. al bij Woefkesranch een kortharige labra doodle gekocht! En daar hoop ik nog een lange tijd plezier van te hebben.


Met vriendelijke groet,


Leonard S.



Afbeelding verwijderd door afzender.


Labradoodle Odette

Labradoodle Odette

Bonjour notre Bucky va bien lui aussi,  c’est un chien très doux, joueur et heureux.

On l’aime tous très fort.
Voici quelques photos de lui
Labradoodle – Luca

Labradoodle – Luca

Hello hello! This is for your website. If there is a way for me to upload directly, please let me know. We are so happy with our lovely Luca. He really is an intelligent boy. He has been at home with us 5 days now and he loves our garden. This is where he is full of mischief and jumps for joy, tiring himself out completely so that he gives us 7 hours sleep without disruption. We are very grateful to Marleen and Wannes for leading us through the process till we collected him and for being so patient with two foreigners. Luca is a joy to have. We will look after him. In fact, I am introducing him to our local vet next Wednesday so that when we need to go for the final vaccination he will know him. I look forward to hearing what you think at your convenience. And see some more photos in separate email. You can publish as much or as little as you like All the best

The last lady with him is my mother who has just been 80. She had a poodle and a labrador when she was a child and is absolutely delighted with Luca, as you can see!

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